Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New tattoo

So I finally got a sewing tattoo, a needle and tread.....and he touched up my star so it looks like a star and not an * ; )

For anyone in Carroll County MD, Matt did it at Matteo Ink in Westminster.


Bipolar Rollercoaster said...

Cute little tattoo!

GoingTwinsane from Swap-bot...now following!

Stacey said...

They look great-LOVE them . . . I have one my back that I got a long time ago-about 15 years ago? I was young & didn't really think it through~ I was just recently thinking about getting it touched up or ever turned into something different???

Crafty_Witchy_Girl said...

Hi! I am craftywitchygirl and I am one of your swap-bot partners for the swap I want more blogger followers!

Very cute tatoo!

Faiza said...

awesome tattoo!

this is faizazarin from swap-bot. i am so looking forward to reading more from you.

i also checked out your store and love your handbags!