Sunday, March 6, 2011

~Rainy Sunday~

For the VERY rainy Sunday it is today here in Westminster, I sure got a lot finished, after brunsh at Ihop of course. Well, I just cut out A LOT of fabrics, the dreaded first step of sewing. Enjoy these great "rainy day" pics I found online........Rainy days really can be relaxing and not always dreary......


Friday, March 4, 2011

Fab Shop Friday

Today's fab shop is my good friend Teresa's jewelry shop, Teresa's Desert Treasures or TDT. I haven't actually "met" Teresa, but she is a great crafty friend of mine I meet in an online craft business class.

Check out a few of her fabulous Desert Treasures.....

Silver Heart w/ Glass Turquoise on Turquios Seed Beads Necklace

Fancy Jasper SS Bali Flower Earrings

Black Glass (Heart) Bracelet

Check out her shop here and her facebook here. I know she is currently working on a new website, so look forward to that!!!!!