Thursday, July 16, 2009

Last Minute Lucy

So, I get myself into sticky situations b/c I'm such a procrastinator......I'm going to have a table at this Children Helping Children event on Sun and I have 4 large bags, 2 small bags and 4 wristlets made. I have everything cut out, interfaced and magnetic clasps put in to make 9 more large bags and 5 more small bags. The only thing I need to do is fold in and sew the straps together, add my labels and pockets, and sew the bags together. Sounds like a lot? Yeah, it does. I'm hoping to get most of that finished tonight. I have to "bust a move" if I want to get that done. I want to go to Artscape tomorrow night, and I already have plans to go to Philly for the day on Sat with my sister and friend. So, I have tonight, tomorrow night and some on Sun morning to get this done, lol. I might have to not go to Artscape tomorrow night and just plan to go after the event on Sun. It might not be as busy then also. I'll be taking pics of the progress but probably won't post them until Mon or Tues night. tata for now, and hope to see all the locals on Sun in Hampstead.

Abigail Leigh

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