Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Party 2008

Saturday December the 13th my friend Desiree and I had a Christmas Party at my house. It was so much fun. Desiree brought Balderdash and a handful of people play that while the rest chatted in the other room. After a while when everyone was there we did the White Elephant gift exchange. It was so much are some pics of the fabulous gifts people brought.

Stricker (my brother in law) with the gift that I ended up with on his head....Thanks Corinna for bringing the strainer, I love it!!!!!

Chris ended up with the meat carver that Desiree was so happy about.....

Lauren brought the owl figurine (of course) and said she was hoping my sister would get it since she knows that my sister called her the owl girl....hehe. Well Desiree (or Chris) ended up with it.

It looks like Christmas morning after all of the presants were openind.....